5 Tips to Spiritual Hygiene or (An Impromptu Guide to Internal Upkeep).

1.  Live by something.

I call this our Code. Call it what you please. Or nothing at all. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is having something to stand on. Not for, but on. These aren’t beliefs. They’re truths. Your truth. An oh-so-sacred set of Self-science. There’s nothing to figure out. It’s already written. Listen and it will find you. As will your freedom.

2.  Give thanks for something.

Write it. Sing it. Paint it. Say it out loud. Like a fine wine, gratitude is most effective when you let it breathe. Keep the circuitry flowing by physically announcing your appreciation. The Youniverse has ears, ya know? Plus, it just feels good.

3.  Explore something.

The more I play this game called Life, the more I’m reminded of the importance of fresh activity. Daily disciplines are great and dandy and grounding and everything, but should only be used for foundational purposes. Your Code now, that’s your anchor – its role is to buttress, never immobilize your curiosities.

Don’t forget to explore new docks.

4.  Connect with something (aka Feel Big).

Your favorite essay. A hilarious movie clip or guitar riff. That heartfelt story on the back of the cereal box. Hell, look into the eyes of a young child or the joyful gaze of your dog for a few seconds. It’s all God, just different shades.

I find it healthy to get spiritually jacked up at least once a day.  (I watched this video for a month straight at one point). Fired-up feelings catapult consciousness and creation.  Feed the beat.

5.  Breathe.

I’m a sharer, not a preacher. If I were to ever gospelize a single dictum to the planet though, breath would be my go-to. “The body follows the mind, but the mind follows the breath,” said a really old yogi, a really long time ago. Cliff notes?

Breath drives the vehicle.

Stay with it,
stay in the moment.
Stay in the moment,
mastery made manifest.

Call me a gravedigger, cause I’m gonna bury this into the ground.






  1. Miracle Mindy 3 years ago #

    Love the 5 and the the Video from #4… You have me wondering what my verse is?
    Thank You!

  2. Kelly Compton 3 years ago #

    Love this post. A daily sometimes hourly practice for me is to just stay in the present moment. Thank you for validating just how important that is and to just breathe…..Namaste

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