How to Be Aware: Spiritual Key #3 (aka the Divine Instructions)


Tools and tips to elevate your Awareness:

1.  Notice.

In a plugged-in 21st century world, there is an uncountable expanse of secondly distractions at our disposal, that, quite frankly, are eating humanity alive.

Facebook. Newspaper headlines. TMZ. Beeping, buzzing, ringing iPhones. Clickbait this and breaking news that. (Here’s some breaking news for ya: None of these things give a crap about you. N-O-N-E. None. Your best interest at heart will never come up in a single board meeting. N-E-V-E-R. Never).  Their aim, and nothing more, is to steal you from this moment.

When this happens, we not only zap our Presence, but the most crucial aspect of Awareness – our ability to notice and tune in to the signals around us – tapers too.  Like a lion in captivity, our instincts slowly dwindle away.

Aren’t you a Peppy Peter this morning Mr. K.LITE?

Is fire not light?


To reclaim our capacity  to notice, let’s start by slowing down and checking in with our Internal Worlds (i.e. breathe).  Ask yourself:  Where are my thoughts? Are they grounded? No? Where would I like them to be?  Now, give them some direction.

Now ask:  Am I open?  (No matter who you are, we all need to be reminded of the Willingness Factor.  That’s why it’s Key #1).

And finally:  What’s happening around me?  Am I going through the motions or AM I HERE?  If not, how can I take more of it in?  Contemplate this and respond as guided.  (It’s your recipe).

A little bit of this will delve us deeper into the NOW.  When we’re deeper in the NOW, we support the BIG picture and retune our instincts, which allows us to more accurately know when and where to act (a prelude to Spiritual Key #4).

A noticing frame of mind is a practice in consciousness that turns distractions and loose life force into centered action. Back in the driver’s seat, we can cruise with our clues, treasure map in hand.

2.  Collect evidence.

Growing up, this was a staple in our household. And to be honest, it’s just plain ole fun.  Here’s how it works:

Say you want to create something.  A job.  A partner.  A new house.  A car.  A whatever.  Back the energy by collecting evidence.

When I was in the 8th grade, for example, my dad was inspired to buy a specific type of car.  As a gauge of both alignment and possibility, we began to collect evidence of this vehicle wherever we went.  Eventually, our resonance seemed to place the car behind us, in front of us, or next to us on every road, at every streetlight, and parking lot we found ourselves in.

As a result, the manifestation unfolded in a matter of months, and he was shown exactly where to go.  Our intention was backed with such innocence, PLAY, and love that creation of said car seemed all but certain.  And it was.

“Energy flows where attention goes.”


3.  Keep things in game mode.

When I’m president, “proof of play” will be mandatory to file any major paperwork in life. You want health insurance? Yeah, tell me the last time you skipped or climbed a tree or rocked out full-blast in the car to Katie Perry’s “Firework” (did I say that out loud?).

Need a marriage license? Pitch me your plan for a consistent and innovative “date” schedule or your giddy-ness to simply hold hands every chance you get.

Applying for your dream job?  Bring me the ticket stub of the last movie you went to.  Why?  Cause harmony trumps profitability.

What the hell does skipping got to do with awareness, or better yet, my lack of coverage?!

Everything, my man. It’s your ticket to consistently feeling alive, which is, in and of itself, the Art of Feeling Good. It’s a game you’ve been playing for the past two months too. Willingness? Game. Presence? Game. Awareness? Game.

And if I stop playing?

Well, you’ll probably end up like Jack.

4. Practice yoga.

The purpose of yoga, unbeknownst to much of the Western world, is not to flatten the abs, harden the glutes, or wear your $318 pair of Lulu leggings (or is it leg-ins?).  Sure, one can gain muscle mass and increase flexibility and look damn good doing it, but that’s not the ultimate goal.

The real intent of yoga is a heightening of spiritual awareness through the conscious practice of training and stilling the mind.  (The body stuff is just a distraction).

By way of a series of stretches and poses, yoga – a Sanskrit word meaning “union” – is a conduit to a higher level of consciousness and an opportunity to unite with our Source.

In my experience, each time I lay on the mat, an overwhelming sense of oneness and connectivity envelops me.  Here, some of my most creative and heart-opening ideas have originated (e.g. K.LITE).

The key though is to hang with it, and not get caught up in the physicality of the postures or how sporadic your mind may go or the pretzel your limber neighbor has somehow wound themselves in.  The other cool thing is yoga can be done any time, anywhere.

Stay open, embrace the ONENESS, and you’ll create all sorts of Space in your field of Awareness.

5.  Keep a daily journal.

Before retiring at night or first thing the following morning, write down (in detail) everything you do each day. A journal helps to lasso the important minutiae we so easily tend to forget.

The reason for this is that we often don’t process what’s unfolding in life until we take a step back and reflect.  And a daily log provides a helicopter view of all that’s taking place, allowing us to connect the dots of our life story.

If consciousness is the space between thoughts, there’s definitely magic between the lines.

6.  If it’s not a “hell yes…”

…it’s a no.

Awareness 101?


7.  More mindfulness.

Whatever experience you currently find yourself a part of (the great and the not-so-great), remain committed to being the silent observer.  Why?

In doing so, you learn to feel extraordinary regardless of the situation, circumstance, or environment because you’re master of what comes in and what goes out.  You stay connected to your true self (through Awareness) and thereby ditch the need to argue or prove anything to anyone. Only you can read your Map.

Enlightened Decree #28:  By not identifying with this, that, or the other, all is one AND well.


Your inner world – the Real World, that is – becomes a sanctuary and fortress of security, stability, peace, and poise.

Life will keep on happenin’, but the noise will fade away.

Awareness is your ace in the hole.