The Beginner’s Guide to an Authentically Adventurous Life.

photo (1) copy 3Whether you know it or not, there’s a story in you designed to be told – a purpose that craves expression, a Legend to be loved and lived.

Now’s where you tell me how unique of a soul I AM, your mind scatters.  One equipped with authentic gifts that no one but me contains, right?

Damn, you’re good.  I mean, really good.  Did you steal my morning notes?  That’s some serious telepathy going on there.

One small caveat though…

I’m wholly uninterested in inflating an individual’s skeptical self-worth.  Critics and complainers can reserve a couch at their local shrink.

Me?  These words?  This space?

That’s absorbed by one thing and one thing only:  Freedom – how I can both feel more of it and share it with other devoted pioneers.

Now, let’s try this again.

Whether you accept it or not, there’s a story in you eager to be told – a tale of Truth ingrained in your DNA that serves as a key to all things joyful, prosperous, and liberating.

You mean a career?

Eh, not exactly.

I mean, yeah, sure, some define their lives through labels like career, occupation, job, or a 401k.  And that’s fine.  For many, steady employment is what it is and more than enough, as basic and routine as the experience may be.

But seriously, let’s cut the crap.

You’re a whole helluva lot more magical than a 9-to-5er, so I suggest you embrace the spirit ASAP.  And that’s no positivity-propaganda.  You can take that to the damn bank.

My guess though is if you’re reading these words, there’s a good chance you already agree with the above statement.  And discovering “that” spark is the next step (and bridge) to combine or complement your current path with some sort of a Higher Purpose.

In that case, the following words are likely more up your alley:  Calling.  Vocation.  Journey.  Dreams.  Way.  Purpose.  Raison d’etre.  Path.  Mission.

If you’re suspicious of religious, esoteric-sounding jargon, don’t fret over the details.  The point is there’s something in this lifetime you were put here to pursue to its conclusion.  Period.

In the words of Whitman, it’s time to contribute your “verse.”


As you’ll soon come to know, I often write on the importance of creating our own inviting language.  Flipping the paradigm from the eye of the masses to the big “I” – who we are and what we Love.

In my experience, I’ve noticed how quickly a fresh, conducive word or phrase can lighten the most abstract and overwhelming of ideas.

That said, the vernacular I’ve chosen to express the idea of feeding one’s life purpose is what I like to call our Authentic Adventure.

(Hold the applause, it’s fun, freeing, and badass, I’m aware).

So, what exactly is an Authentic Adventure?

An Authentic Adventure is the path that makes you come alive.

That’s it?

Well, there’s a bit more to it, but yeah, that’s the crux.

Born of vision, but fulfilled by action, an Authentic Adventure is an internal expedition attained through external means – an unknown journey you’re willing to put it all on the line for.

Even simpler, it’s how you express yourself in the world.

Taoists would call it “the Way.”  Wizard-of-Oz-ists, a yellow brick road.  Joseph Campbell, the “hero’s journey.”  And The Alchemist, a Personal Legend, aka “what you have always wanted to accomplish.”

And that’s the cool thing about it:  you get to define it.


Just for a second, let’s say we lived in a judgment-free world.

Here, things like movie reviews, peanut galleries, scorecards and report cards, and the all-too frequent pressure of friends and family are obsolete.  Whatever road illumines your soul, you take it without the slightest bit of hesitance because you’re completely safe.

How does that feel?

Amazing, right?

Instead of the weight of the world stacked on your shoulders, you’re bench-pressing it like Superman on Lance Armstrong’s steroids.

Well, what if I told you that this safety net already exists?  And the only way to utilize said net is to embark on your Authentic Adventure.

Here’s how it works…

Authentic Adventure’s, your soul’s original odyssey, operate on the “what blesses one, blesses all” business model.  In other words, your plan is God’s plan.  Your Heart’s Desires are the Youniverse’s desires.

Sacrilege, I know.  (I’ll hit up 6 o’clock penance in the A.M.)

These words go against every single archetype society has raised us on.  Go to schoolGet a jobPay your mortgage.  Get married. Have kids.  Save now, live later.  Do the right thing.  Heaven forbid we use the soul God gave us.

This too is the moment many freeze in fear because they feel undeserving of dreaming big.  I swear, we could turn this into a primetime event.  Cindy Johnson, c’mon down!  You’re the next contestant on ‘The Victim is Right.’  

Joking aside (family, professors, and gurus too), how can this business model be?

Because thrill is the handiwork of the Infinite.  And when inspiration, love, and oneness are the bedrock of that which moves through you, it simply cannot be.  “What honors one, honors all.”  #Fact

Steve Jobs’ Authentic Adventure entailed pixels and PC’s.
His relentless passion spurred creativity across the globe.

Adele’s Authentic Adventure arrives via her voice.
Her high notes send chills throughout the world.

Michael Jordan’s Authentic Adventure involved buzzer-beaters and NBA titles.  His grit and determination dared all to dig a little deeper.

Gandhi’s Authentic Adventure included salt marches and fasting.
His commitment to peace and love showed us all a different way.

And no, don’t assume for a second that Authentic Adventure’s are limited to high-profile folk.  They aren’t.  Ships sail a variety of seas.

….Some people are guided to be good farmers.  Their knowledge and labor nourishes the human race.

….Some souls are called to collect garbage.  Their role keeps the planet clean.

….My mom, for example, lives a 110% heart-led life.  My dad:  one of honor and integrity.  Their commitment, unconditional love, and presence are more contagious than pinkeye.

Teachers, doctors, truck drivers, fisherman, salesman, nurses, parents, actors, and loyal friends.  Authentic Adventure’s come in all shapes and sizes.

The key, though, is recognizing when you’re on one.


adventure:  an exciting or very unusual experience; a bold, usually risky undertaking.

Two things here.

First, resonance.

Is what you’re doing (or going to do) hydrating your heart? Are you continually being filled and pulled by a title wave of excitement and joie de vivre?

And secondly, risk.

What about it?

Risk is a great referral of the illumined road.  Vulnerability, doubt, and uncertainty included.  Feeling a bit anxious?  Good.  A true reflection of a meaningful journey.

It took me two full years to commit to the idea of Fetch in 50.  Same with this site.  Eventually, I let go, realizing the real risk would be a lifetime spent in denial.  Ignoring my heart’s story would be to ignore the brilliance of creation itself.

There’s an Authentic Adventure in you chomping at the bit.  Are you willing to chart its course?

After all, paths are made by feet.

Blessing your Boldness,

own the glow




*** Stay tuned for Monday, July 14th’s post:  “9 Surefire Signs You’re Living an Authentic Adventure.”

Photo Credit:  Jonathan Combe.
Some changes made by me.
Original photo found here.



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