Why Digging For Signs Will Drive You Bananas (And Some Rules To Keep You In Check)

One of the common gaffes I notice from folks at the onset of their spiritual adventure is the addiction to figure out “why” every situation and experience is taking place.

Rule #1:  Don’t!

The purpose of Feeling Good (or whatever your True North may be) can’t be force fed.  Signs aren’t to be mined… ever.  They arrive without effort and require little to no study.

Just because you prayed for some added discipline in your life and the bumper sticker on the car in front of you says “The Few, the Proud, the Marines,” doesn’t mean you need to enlist in the army.

Okay, but… the next day at the general store, the guy next to me in line was head-to-toe in camo.  As if the cosmos itself placed him there.

Hmm…  Was that around say mid-October?

Yeah, why?

Could it possibly have been hunting season?

(Quiet on the other end).

Look, I’m just messing with you.  On a serious note though, consider this:

Do you have a strong, inspired feeling to join the armed forces?  No.
Does it feel like a fit for you?  Not really.
Is it something you’re wholeheartedly, without a doubt being guided to pursue?  Negative.

Rule #2:  If it doesn’t apply, it doesn’t apply.  Pull up your overalls and keep on movin’ on.

***(Speaking of rules, I don’t generally entertain the term.  I find them pretentious and bossy, especially in the blogosphere.  For this topic, however, a strict agenda felt necessary).

The major pitfall in being a constant sign-chaser is that in order to act, we must first receive external validation from the Youniverse.  Not only is this conditional, but it’s hypocritical to the entire inside-out living experience. The overidentification can really jam our flow.

Rule #2b:  If you have to cross reference your sign with someone else, it’s probably not a sign.

Then I’ll just wait for approval of the ethereal kind.

Sorry, not how it works.  But I do appreciate the comment, as it’s the perfect segue to my next rule.

Rule Trois:  The green light must always come from Within.

What?  That’s not co-Creating!

Excuse me. Is it not “sign” enough that the thought in your head is an absolutely brilliant idea? Or that your feelings of sheer giddy-ness are the clearest form of affirmation there is?  Remember that thing called Free Will?

Argh! Here we go again.

Free Will gives us the upper hand.  Just because co-Creation is, well, exactly that – collaborative – doesn’t mean we streetsweep our intuitive factor – the biggest piece of the equation.

Part of being a co-Creator is mastering that instant recognition to simply GO.  Because our innate wisdom is our best trail guide.  It’s the high priest.  The head hancho.  The Michael Corleone.  The Cleopatra.  A sign in and of itself.  The key is to pinpoint your sweet spot.

If you rely solely on earth symbols to kickstart your groove, you’ll be waiting… a lot.  Or you’ll dig yourself to China.  Or manipulate the destination.  Or invent and subsequently get lost in some story that didn’t and doesn’t exist.  You know, sometimes a black cat crosses the road simply to get to the other side.

WTF bro!  Did you or did you not say to collect evidence?

I did, but it doesn’t require a manhunt.  I’ll be the first to admit to loving the mysticism of playing a little detective.  But it’s not a hard-lined attachment.

Rule #4:  Make space for signs, but let them happen freely.

Ever notice how signs show up when we’re not seeking them out and least expect them to?  That’s because signs typically smack us in the face.  They happen organically: non-GMO, usually OMG.  All we need is a speck of a morsel of an iota of awareness.

Rule #5:  If the shoe fits, lace it up, and most definitely wear it.

This is the converse to rule #2.  A bonafide sign is known on the spot; confirmation not needed.  It’s true, you can actually kick ass and take names without Facebook feedback.  This game is between you and your Source.  Cause the never-ending maze of assurance is, well, exactly that, never-ending.

Which brings us to our poetically-infused final rule…

Rule #6:  A sign is a mirror.  It reflects what’s already there.

That’s it really.

You can ditch the shovel now.