Higher Purpose


The Vision

Hi, I’m T.J. Welcome to Keepin’ It Light!

My desire is to raise the planet’s vibration by injecting more Light, Love, and Consciousness into the world through inspired conversation and expansive, truth-filled living.

Need a mental enzyme?

I’m here because I want you to thrive.

And to truly thrive requires the willingness to go beyond the physical realm, expand your internal world – the Source of All Things – and author your experience from an anchored place.

But first, a teeny-tiny stipulation to adhere by:

You must recognize, accept, and own the fact (yes, fact) that your inherent birthright is one of Affluence, Fulfillment, and Freedom.  What I simply like to call “feeling good.”  Built-in brilliance and accord, anointed at birth.  Yours, theirs, everyone’s.

But how and where do I even…



Right here, right now, by committing yourself to the highest, most vibrant energy the Earth has ever known…


Close, LOVE.

And how do I do that?

You choose.

When you ignite your access to the greatest gift of all – that of Free Will – all while staying rooted in LOVE, you can walk through any door at any time.  That’s right, any door at any time. (Don’t hesitate to write that one down).

The idea is that everyone can live an authentically empowered life and have a damn good time doing it.

But you must choose it first.  Period.


The Invitation

Know it or not, you’re a lot more than what meets the surface.  Yep, you.  Just as the Youniverse continues to expand, so too do we.

The foundation of this site is built on this notion.

Each week, I blog on how to live more enthusiastic and deliberate lives by committing to a life sustained from Within.  My words are simple, direct, and genuine, and, of course, flavored with a hint of playfulness, a splash of sarcasm, and an ocean of unconditional Love.

Through my writing, interviews, video clips, travel, and far too many movie quotes and Harry Potter references, it’s my hope that you unfurl an arsenal of insights that support you on your Path.  My soul purpose is to provide you with the richest of resources that expands your Nature and stirs your Spirit.

Keepin’ It Light is a lens through which I’ve come to see the world.  Above and beyond that, it’s an invitation – one to step into the highest version of You.  I like to think of it as one big “digital encouragement”: part pre-game meal, part wake-up call, and part spiritual screenplay.  Connected, it’s 133% opportunity.

I’m not here to change your perception of God, alter your philosophy of the world, or convince you to quit your day job.

Me?  I’m here to share.  Nothing more.  Just a guy with a journal, penning his truth on the Web.

For all who visit, I encourage you to take what speaks to your truth and apply it to your formula for happiness and creativity.

The road to bliss is through the heart. 

I invite you to join me.



lovelight              TJ

There are two ways to live; you can live as if nothing is a miracle or you can live as if everything is a miracle.

lovelightlovelightlovelightlovelightlovelightlovelightlovelightlovelightlovelightlovelightlovelightlov-Albert Einstein