What To Know When You’re In Pain. And The Silver Lining To It All.

Suffering can be very real. The sky can go that low.  And it can hang.  So you turn left, then right:  walls.  Inescapable.  There’s no…  way…  out.

When it’s physical pain, it hurts and it sucks, but it’s cake in the end. The moaning and discomfort is communicable. The body heals or it ascends.  But the inner “stuff,” the hello-can-anyone-hear-me kind of pain… that shit stings. Heartache.  PTSD.  Loss of a loved one.  Nervous breakdown. Forgiveness. When that effing person’s phone rings in the movie theater.  Perdition runs the gamut (you now know mine.)

But the dagger of it all isn’t the agony within, it’s the thought you’re fighting not to think (and have zero chance to not actually think it): that the pain won’t end.  That it can’t end.  How could it when it… hurts…  this… bad?  Fear catalyzes.  It’s the icing that makes you want out.  (And the reason we shan’t judge.   Anyone.  Like ever.)

If you haven’t been there, someone close to you has:  family, a friend, the guy next to you at the coffee shop. Pain doesn’t typecast. It can broadcast with theatrics or vices, but more than often, it’s disguised. A racing mind can monopolize and protect itself at the same time, ya know.  It’s that darn good.

So what should you know when you’re in pain?   This too shall pass.

For real bro?  I’m dyin’ over here and you drop Scripture on me?

Yeah… that’s definitely not from the Bible, but I get it.  When your sadness exudes no mercy, clichés can be a real twist of the knife.  Morgan Freeman could narrate it and it would still seem shallow and glib.

There’s more fish in the sea.  (Don’t ever say this.)
Fake it ‘til you make it.  (Has its merits so long as it doesn’t mask.)
I know what you’re going through.  (Yeah… do you?)

(How ‘bout? You’re miserable AF.  A piece of this may stay with you forever, who knows?  And that’s OK.  Cause I see you.  And I’m here.  Nothing more.  Giving a human being permission to totally feel can totally liberate.)

This. Too. Shall. Pass.

An ode to the light at the end of the tunnel. The bait might not take at first. You’ll hear it and possibly purge. And that’s allowed. Healing without catharsis isn’t healing at all.

So hang in there.  Take big ass Pranic breaths.  And know…

This too shall pass.

It will.

There’s a heap of light waiting.

And it’s beautiful.

That I can confirm.
and so it is