The Prerequisite to Extraordinary Living — A Welcome Note to the Light.

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One of the biggest misconceptions lingering through the consciousness of humankind pertains to that of greatness. I like to think of it as Extraordinary Living.

The thought reads:  Greatness is an elusive, impenetrable quality that only the “rare” and “lucky” amongst us get to experience.

It continues:  Certain people were born with V.I.P. access to a level of magic and mastery that others just weren’t fortunate enough to have been made with.

The verdict:  I’m better off staying in my shell, accepting life as is, and strolling through the motions of a fixed existence.

This deflating societal mindset all but smacked me in the soul a month ago in a farmer’s market parking lot.  After waiting five minutes with my blinker on for a parking spot, a rather naive driver swooped in and took it at the very last second.  I’m not one for confrontation, but something uprooted my voice from its soil.

Excuse me, we were waiting quite awhile for that spot, as a family of four exited the vehicle.  Without hesitation, the husband countered, Yeah, life sucks a bit for everyone, doesn’t it?  


I wasn’t sure which pierced me worse — the secure nature in which he declared these hollow words or the cluelessness of doing so while holding his child’s hand.  I wanted him cuffed.  Vince Vaughn at least says “earmuffs.”

Said story is an example of the aforementioned misconceptions.  Weighty beliefs filled with two inherent flaws:

1.  It implies greatness as separate from us.  It’s not.   Greatness exists in the inward retreat.

2.  It implies an ability to control outside factors.  Influence, maybe.  Control, never.  Our only control is self-control.

The sole reason some are living so-called “better” lives than others has nothing to do with talent or potential.  We’re all engrained with a unique set of gifts that are waiting to bless the planet.  It has nothing to do with good fortune, luck, or opportunity.  Through both thought and action, we create our daily paths.  And it most certainly has zilch to do with social conditioning or the way in which we were brought up.  There’s a rebellious success story on every street corner.  No one’s forcing us to do a damn thing.

The truth is great people have chosen, whereas others have not.

Great people choose their muse, pursue their Heart’s Desires, and chase what stirs them inside.  They act instead of react.  They’re the sculptor not the sculptee.  They inhale and exhale:

“This is who I AM.  This is what I stand for.  This is what I desire to create.”

To them, it’s non-negotiable and not overthought.  Moving forward is the only option.  There’s no hesitation, regret, or doubt of any kind.  To them, there’s nothing more powerful than a made up mind.

Now, there’s a strong chance you’re thinking, “It can’t be that easy.  There must be more to it.”

Yet, there isn’t.

Making it more complex would be another way to outsource responsibility all while maintaining our ability to blame the exterior.  It’s a distraction game that unconsciously “lets us off the hook.”  It’s also what humans do best: complicate things.

The other side of you is most likely praying.  Why?

Because you’re scared shitless.

You mean to tell me we actually have a say in this thing called LIFE?

Scary, right?

It’s scary because choice gives us power.  It’s scary because the ball is permanently in our court.

But I pose this:  Would you rather be comfortable and limited or scared shitless with the free will to ignite a fire?

I know where I stand.

In harmony with the purpose of this site, it’s my desire for each post to be seen as an opportunity.  Not only to read and visit, but to apply any guidance that speaks directly to your Truth.  The aim is that upon leaving an expanded feeling takes shape.  There’s no victim here, only power.

With that, each day I encourage the utilization of your gift of Free Will.  Don’t wait for greatness to knock on your door.  That which fuels your spirit, begin its pursuit today.

Who you are and what you do is a choice, period.

Titles aside, we all originated from the same Source inherent with possibility. No amount of science and study can define our capacities. We’re immeasurable beings pre-programmed to be victorious.  Activate it and own it today!


Be the Light,

own the glow


own the glow
Photo Credit:  Jonathan Combe.
Some changes made by me.
Original photo found here.



  1. Susan 3 years ago #


  2. Mike 3 years ago #

    I love it! You have such an incredible message and are amazing at delivering it. I can’t wait for more!

  3. Matt Bud 3 years ago #

    Sweet TJ! Livin the dream dude! I hope to meet up with you for lunch or dinner on this mission when you’re around…miss you guys…have fun on your journey!

  4. Mary Beth 3 years ago #

    Beautifully written TJ. I look forward to many more!!

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