The Divinity of Disappointment — A Letter to Those Who Think They’ve Failed.


Disappointment can be wearing.  Frustrating too.  There’s no way around it.  When you’re an artist and a creator (and we all are), you get knocked down…. a lot.  It’s just part of the gig.  Abe Lincoln.  Rejected.  Martin Luther King Jr.  MockedAmelia Earhart.  Ridiculed.  Early on, these folks were billboards for disappointment.  Or were they?

If we put on our God glasses and observe with a bit gentler eye, what we frequently label as disappointment and failure is often false advertising for clarity, redirection, and a heightening of Presence.

One of the many side effects of an overactive Western world is our rush of judgment in associating failure with self-worth.  You know, cause we gotta have everything right here, right now.  Or…  that it means something about us.

Cut from the team…  Not good enough.
Can’t sell your house…  The world is against me.
Bomb the audition…  Don’t have the talent. 
Lose the job or kill the relationship.  (And this is my favorite)…  What will people say?
Or even more worrisome, how will social media respond?  The tragedy…

Truthfully though, what’s seen by many as a case of ineptitude or a sign to work harder and longer or a perpetual curse of “bad luck” or an attachment to popular opinion may just be a benevolent Youniverse finalizing the details – the divine ones that is.  Thus presenting all parties involved with yet another opportunity to trust and stay rooted in their Glow.

Disappointment is simply the disguise that alignment occasionally wears.  That’s it.

Nothing but a divine reroute masquerading as a temporary road bump.  Or as my mom puts it, disappointment – “an appointment not met.”  You see?  Just a timing thing.  Nothing but the Divine rescheduling.

(And no, this doesn’t mean the cosmos has a day planner.  It doesn’t wear a cape either.  Saving is for the piggy bank.  Being the “you” in Youniverse means participation.  It’s active.  (End this paragraph with a reminder about “letting go” being anything but a passive deed).)

So before you get your dauber down and drop your latest experience in the defeat file, I’m going to ask you to reflect on this, because maybe, just maybe, your current disappointment is but a nudge in a soul-suited direction.

Stay open.
Embrace the Mystery.
Keep it light.




  1. Sharon 2 years ago #

    Thanks for the post TJ, you are wise beyond your age…

  2. Allison 2 years ago #

    Just what I needed today! Thank YOU!

  3. Jintana 2 years ago #

    I love it and love the picture too. thank you…..

  4. Tina 2 years ago #

    Thanks, TJ! Perfect timing!

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