1. the creative, conscious force the planet really, really craves.
2. truth in action.
3. the organic You.

Hi there!  Thanks for visiting my digital sanctuary.  I’m grateful you’re here.   lovelightjoylovelightjoylovelightjoypeacelovelightjoyp

This is my version of an About Me page.

It’s bone, not skin.

And fun, not thin.

My intent here is to be true to myself as to encourage others to do the same.  This isn’t about academic records, work history, or inflated résumé accolades.  That’s a conversation of the personality, for the personality.  Here, we’re going to keep it light AND real.

The rest of this space adheres to that essence.




Fun Facts


My full name is Thomas Gerard Olwig, Jr. Solid, right?

I love yoga, scratch-off tickets, and long walks around Whole Foods.

Emerson’s “Self-Reliance” gets me jacked up.

I write for ISLANDS magazine from time to time.


Things that make me giddy:  football on the beach, coffee shops, Rafael Nadal’s forehand, and petrichor (look it up.)

Owls and eagles are my jam.

Guilty pleasure? Vacuuming.

My parents are Godsends.

I will hike the Appalachian Trail someday.