On Deservability…. a Myth, a Duty, a Gift.

I am deserving.  I deserve all good.  Not some, not a little bit, but all good.  I now move past all negative, restricting thoughts.  I release and let go of the limitations of my parents.  I love them, and I go beyond them.  I am not their negative opinions, nor their limiting beliefs.  I am not bound by any of the fears or prejudices of the current society I live in.  I no longer identify with limitation of any kind.  In my mind, I have total freedom.
— Louise L. Hay, Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Workbook

Deservability.  A concept that, often coated in a layer of unease, provokes a murky response.  Why?

Cause we’re born, bred, and conditioned to praise the value of rigidity.  Work hard.  Sweat.  Pay your dues.  Fight through it.  Put in the hours.  Show up sick. Ignore it.  Prove, earn, validate, repeat.  Work harder.  Complain less.  Push a little more.  Validate that validation.

Together, let’s call this the Illusion of Rigor; which is, of course, a blatant pile of malarkey.  Not to mention a sermon in inefficiency and inauthenticity.  BUYER BEWARE.

Side NoteDon’t let this undermine the importance of making things happen.  There’s a fine line between taking action and resigning to another’s idea of what is “right.”

The problem with the Illusion of Rigor is that somewhere, at some point in time, it became the hallmark of deservability, making it wrong to participate in life’s harvest for the simple reason of just being you.  So we scrap, claw, and get stuck in a trance of “earn,” or ignorance, lambasting our inner thirst. One that colludes our evolution with conflicting intentions of desire and guilt.  We spread clichéd-butter on stale bread…

Spouse is absent?  Well, that’s marriage for ya.
Finances are thin?  Nothin good comes easy!
Asshole of a boss?  Aren’t they all?
Yearning for a raise?  Don’t be greedy.

Cause we’re tough, right?  There’s virtue in toughness… in sweeping it under the rug… in hardening ourselves, our soul, our skin. You know what you call tough skin?  A callous. You know what you call healthy skin? A glow. The irony is hardly ironic.

The gift of life is exactly that – a gift.  In being born, you accepted said gift. It was blessed unto you. No clocking in, résumé check, or overtime required.  Just a present courtesy of the Youniverse.  Effortless.

What’s your point Jedi?

Call off the ordination. You’re pre-packaged with worth. An infinity of it too. The fact that you’re Here – alive (and reading this) – kind of confirms it. You deserve, as Louise Hay puts it, “not some, not a little bit, but all good.”  Breakfast in bed, smiles “just because,” flowers on Monday, paid vacation, and attentive conversation… with eye contact… perpetual eye contact.

Yeah, but I still don’t understa…

Look, you want to thrive, right?

Of course I do.

If you truly aspire a rich, meaningful, love-loaded experience – the ‘life well lived’ so to speak – you gotta know, know, that you, yes you, are inherently worthy of all the goodies the planet has to offer – long weekends, foot rubs, affordable organics, R-E-S-P-E-C-T, and commissions… fat commissions… from a job that THRILLS you.  Without said belief, your heart’s desires, and bona fide fulfillment for that matter, don’t stand for diddlysquat.  They’re but a wet match on a windy day.  You gotta own it, period.

Ah, I get it… (scribbling on a notepad) … “The goal:  entitlement.”

If you need to trick yourself, that could work in the short-term. But no, entitlement is the ego’s theme song. Consciousness headlines the deservability soundtrack. It’s about opening up. Acknowledgment. Listening. It’s a self-love thing, really.

Merit comes from within. And responsibility means exactly that…. responding.

You deserve the best of the best of the best of the best… just for being you.

Let that be enough.




P to the S.  The opening quote can be read in its entirety by googling “The Deservability Treatment.”  For anyone struggling to accept their infinity, it’s a supportive resource to keep in mind.

P to the Double S.  Sit with your magnificence for a bit. Come back next week to sign “The Deservability Contract” – a sacred clause of self-love and luminosity.