A’s to Q’s

What exactly is Keepin’ It Light?  Are you telling me to lose weight?

Of course not.  Keepin’ It Light is a platform that aims to teach, share, and encourage anyone and everyone to act upon that which Thrills and Fulfills them.  In the form of a blog, the intent is to elevate and spread consciousness. The words are guided by Spirit and empowered by Light.

Light?  Come again.

Ah, yes.  Light encompasses an array of awesomeness and is quite multifaceted in nature.  It’s an attitude, a Consciousness, and all-things badass.  Here, its purpose is two-fold:

Light – the illumination of Love and the energy resulting from the connection to Who You Are.  It’s the purest form of You and the Source of All Good.  It has zero limitations, never fails, and contains infinite wattage.  It’s your Divine Expression.

Light – as in the opposite of heavy.  Life is made super serious enough.  Humanizing every detail leaves nothing but a bald spot on our head and a bottle of Xanax on the nightstand.  So give yourself some credit, inhale some Fun and Love, and stay open to the Divine.

Some may refer to Light as Spirit, Source, Authenticity, God, Love, the You-Niverse, Nature, or any other preferred title.  In my view, Light captures it best, imbuing the perfect balance of both power and detachment.

Who is this site for?

Keepin’ It Light is a home for willing souls eager to thrive.  In other words, it’s for anyone and everyone:  junior highers, high schoolers, college students, 9 to 5ers, waiters, strippers, scientists, Wall Streeters, plumbers, retirees, soccer-moms, black, white, yellow, and orange people.

If your Bible is the 5 o’clock news, this may not be the place for you.  Keepin’ It Light is in the business of “feeling good,” and sees no reason to focus on anything but that.  So if you enjoy Heart-centered activity and nutrition for the Spirit, you’ve come to the right place.

So it’s “self-help?”

No, that’s a book aisle.

You know what I mean.

That’s not a question.

Come on.

I’m just kidding.

To me, “self-help” is a victim-y term devoid of any and all power.  I see this site as the “encouragement to decide.”  Sure, we all need help from time to time, but Keepin’ It Light prefers to stay on the affirmative.

Here, we’re self-authoritative.  We’re the directors of our life’s movie and a mere reminder of the power we all have within.

Ah… so it’s religious?

If a life anchored in Purpose, Love, Self-Knowledge, and Oneness is what they’re calling religion these days, then I’m guilty as charged.  Aside from that, let’s skip the semantics and keep things label-free.

Why are you starting this site?

I began writing for two reasons:

1. I felt I had something of value to say.

2. I would never have been able to quiet the Voice that was guiding me.  This site is a manifestation and channel to that guidance.

How often will you blog?

Whenever the Muse calls, I’ll share.

What’s that mean?

I feel my words have a certain quality to them.  And adequate space must be given to reflect.

However, I will post other bite-sized nuggets – quotes, videos, movie recommendations, and interviews – in between and outside those days.  So keep checking back.

What kind of projects do you plan to participate in?

There are many dream projects I have in mind, all of which are designed to both feed my Soul and make the world a more vibrant place.  At this point, my biggest project is dedicated to the growth and development of this site.

Currently, I’m on a journey called ‘Fetch in 50.’  Check it out.

Now, some rapid fire.  Ready?


If Keepin’ It Light were a TED event, what would its slogan be?

Ideas worth Living.

A fortune cookie?

Own your glow.

A Harry Potter spell?

Lumos.  Duh.

What about its stock symbol?


Not K.I.L.?

Yeah… next question.

What do you believe in?


How trite.  Anything else?

The divine timing of an F-bomb.

What’s up with all the capital letters?

I capitalize words that I feel.  WHAT ELSE YOU GOT?

Wait, what?  I thought I was asking the questions.

You are.

Oh, I’m exhausted.  Any parting words?


The choice to live from the Light (and many of the thoughts shared on this site) aren’t always the most popular.  But, as I’ve found, it’s the only option to a life fulfillingly lived.

Remember… LOVE defeats fear.

The rest is up to you.