11 More Questions to Ask Yourself Before Taking a Creative Leap.

By contemplating the expansion/contraction criteria, hopefully you have a better idea of the action you’d like to take.

To keep self-inquiring, add these questions to the mix:

1.  How important is this to my soul’s creative evolution?
2.  If I don’t give it a go, will I truly be able to let it go?
3.  Does it feel opportunistic or obligatory?
4.  In other words, does life feel heavier or lighter upon committing?
5.  Am I a little bit scared, but in a totally radical way?
6. Will my light bless others in their light?  I.e. Will the world be better if I shrink and play small ball, or thrive and play TALL ball?
7. Have I qualified, prayed on, set an intention for, journaled about, and/or blessed my leap with the utmost clarity and Grace?
8.  Have I listened deeply?
9.  Am I willing and flexible of how this manifests in the world?  Am I open to an alternate direction?
10.  In saying YES, does the Truth of who I AM feel closer or further away?
11.  And most importantly, do I feel authentically free?   (This is what it’s all about).

Play around with these questions this week.  They’ll help you get even more specific.  And if you’re still not sure, ask yourself:


Simple.  Honest.  Direct.

It’ll never steer you wrong.

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