The Surprisingly Simple Secret to Creating Momentum that Will Blow your Life Wide Open.

Momentum doesn’t appear out of thin air.  Nor is it a magic doorway post-eureka! flare.  Momentum is a magnetic force born from persistent and consistent harmony.  Vibrant by nature, its existence can feel all-too-real.

The root of momentum is “moment.”  Singular.  Its foundation and prowess dwell in “the here and the now.”  Those with momentum on their side are those who’ve mastered the moment.

The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel wasn’t complete in one titanic splash. Michelangelo painted one stroke at a time.

Gandhi didn’t win a weaponless war with ravishing speeches throughout India only to call in sick the next morning. He wrote, taught, meditated, and loved deeply every step of the way.

Abe Lincoln didn’t hatch the ‘Emancipation Proclamation’ at breakfast and free the slaves by suppertime.  No siree Bob… he chiseled away at it day-by-day, moment-by-moment, year after year. Each built momentum through repetitive present-moment activity.

In physics terms, momentum is defined as “mass in motion.” Like Newton’s First Law – an object at rest stays at rest, an object in motion stays in motion. In sports, a team with momentum is said to be “on the move.”  The key to getting on a roll then is to keep moving.

Momentum is forward energy – a tailwind of creating space for that which matters most.  When momentum manifests, you’re consistently choosing. The Youniverse loves choosers.  When you choose, a fire of fluidity ignites everything in the direction of dreams.

The second we stop choosing, we lose momentum and our ideas shrink. We make excuses and grow susceptible to criticism, resistance, fear, and fatigue. And eventually, if we don’t snap out of it, our heart-generated guidance can clot, sucking the zest and inspiration right out of our center.

When it comes to our creative visions, perhaps the “mass” part of the equation is the passion we travel with accompanied by some kind of divine speed.  Maybe momentum is simply our heart in transit — a rhythmic, spirit-filled ocean of steadiness.


Establish what’s important.
One of the easiest ways to deter from our path is the attempt to execute too many things at once. You have a splash of brilliance, you give it a little thought, a different idea shows up or you hit a roadblock, so you drop the original plan and change directions.

Flip-flopping and junkdrawering desires do nothing but deflate our self- confidence. Take the one that lights you up the most and attack it with vigor. When it’s time to move to the next, you’ll know. One wholehearted idea blows twenty half-assed ones out of the water.

Operate early and often.
Like a Budweiser, heart inklings have born-on dates. They’re best to consume fresh off the assembly line. Wait too long and the passion behind them wanes, resulting in a stale flavor. That or someone beats you to the punch… with your idea.  Talk about a morale-thumper.

Aim small, miss small.
In the film “The Patriot,” Mel Gibson gives this advice to his sons when teaching them to use a rifle.  Meaning if you aim at the entirety of the target and miss, you miss completely. If you aim at something smaller, such as a bull’s-eye, and miss, you still hit the target.  Give yourself the best chance at flourishing with your project.  (Guns excluded hopefully).

It’s fun to dream big, and we all do, but worrying about your peanut butter company’s IPO before writing a mission statement probably isn’t the most logical route.

By all means, keep dreaming and holding the vision, but don’t underestimate the power of baby steps, so that one day you do reach the stock exchange.

Stamina and grit.
The Youniverse recognizes action steps of all shapes and sizes.  Sometimes a willingness to simply run with an idea, as dull, difficult or farfetched as it may seem, and stick with it, may be all you need.

An idea without action is just a thought.

Rise to this moment.
Rise to tomorrow’s.
Place the track on repeat.

Momentum gained.


(As always, add your ingredients to the recipe).


  1. Allison 3 years ago #

    Love this! Small steps, big gains. Annnd, Action!

  2. Melissa 3 years ago #

    Awesome blog T.J. Olwig!!! Can’t wait for more to come!

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